Photography Contest


Chandigarh Urban Festival in collaboration with Chandigarh X organised a Photo Competition


The Theme of the contest was: OUR Tricity’s Urban Spaces.


URBAN SPACES means common public areas, like the roads, streets, roundabouts, parks, markets, gardens, lakes etc.

Examples of photograph’s subject:

 A vendor selling on road pavement Cyclists riding on road

 People waiting at a bus stop

Musicians playing in plaza

Children playing in community park

Yoga or laughter session in a park

A safai karamchari at work…

Here are the Winners of CUF’18 & ChandigarhX Photo Contest which was concluded on 9th March 2018

Chandigarh Urban Festival is immensely honoured to have received such gorgeous shots from professional and amateur budding photographers from all over the tricity. Your response has humbled us.


The Photographs have been judged by a panel of judges, including renowned photographer  Mr. Tej Bans Singh Jauhar

Here we are proudly showcasing the incredible photographs that have won the contest.

(A) CERTIFICATE OF EXCELLENCE to 3 Winners of the Photo contest.
FIRST PRIZE: Mohd. Salik
SECOND PRIZE: Anil Kumar Verma
THIRD PRIZE: Sameet Kumar

(B) CERTIFICATE OF APPRECIATION to 10 Honourable Mentions.
1. Gurjusjit Singh
2. Dhruv Manchanda
3. Ramandeep Singh
4. Anuj Jain
5. Saurav Nimesh
6. Pragya Khurana
7. Sudhanshu Kaushik
8. Khushmeet Raheja
9. Suraj Morya
10. Satish Verma


Please click on the link details for the results of the contest -