The Mayor Sh. Davesh Moudgil addressing the gathering at sector 23
Nukkar Nattak and Neighborhood event in sector 23
Dr. Prabhjot welcoming Mr.Sood, the local councilor at event the in sector 37
Neighbouhood Event conducted in sector 37
Neighbouhood Event conducted in SBI Colony sector 42
Neighbouhood Event conducted at Shivalik Park, Manimajra





FINALE ON THE 25th ......


Governor's Message -

  This is the message from the PUNJAB GOVERNOR and ADMINISTRATOR of CHANDIGARH SH. V.P. SINGH BADNORE. Sir has been very supportive for our cause and his active contribution has helped planned the broader guidelines for Chandigarh Urban Festival. Plick click to enlarge the message.


Our Neighbourhood events, kicked off on the 17th of February, with our first event at SBI Colony sector 42. It consisted of A Nukkar Nattak, Interactive session with the residents, Quiz, performances by local residents and speech by the chief guest - Mrs. Hira Negi the local Councillor. This was followed by light refreshment of snacks and juices which were contributed by Ar. Rashmi Sharma.


Our Second neighbourhood event was held at sector 63. This was held at the park at the main entrance of 63 sector. It was arranged by the local Residential Welfare Association President Mr. Ashok. Since this park was by the main road, it was interesting to see a lot of cart vendors like vegetable and juice Sellors etc stopping by to see our event. This venue had two high rise apartments on both side and people many people saw the vent from the comfort of their balconies.


On Sunday, 18th February, our neighbourhood event was held in sector 37/C, at the park opposite Stepping Stone school. This program was organised by active contribution of Ar. Ashima And Ar, Sudha, who are both members of Act! Chandigarh. All the three local Residential Welfare Association representatives were Present in this function along with the local Councillor – Mr. Soon, who was the chief guest. Besides our regular programs like Nukkar Nattak , quiz etc, this function was made special by anchoring and interactive speech by senior academician Dr. Prabhjot kaur. A very informative speech was alos given by Mr. Sood, who said how local participation of residents is always benifical. He gave the example of how the local parks are now better well maitianed at lesser expense, ever since their maintenance has been taken over by the local Residential Welfare Associations.


On the 21st we did a neighbourhood event at Shivalik Park in Manimajra, with the support of Mr. Jagtap Jagga, the local councillor. This event was attended by a large gathering of 400 plus spectators. Since it was done in a busy park, we did not arranged any seats and people gathered around to view the event. Some people were standing while few were sitting on the grass. So this event was held in a very informal environment.


On the 23rd. we had an event at sector 23 market in collaboration with the Navjeevan Society. Father Reji of the Navjeevan Society had made all the arrangements for this event. The Mayor of Chandigarh - Sh. Davesh Moudgil was the chief guest. The local councillor and many other dignitaries were also present. The event started with a cleanliness drive by volunteers of Navjeevan Society, followed by our Nukkar Nattak and other events. Tea and Snacks were also served to all those who attended the function.


On 23rd we had two events in Panchkula. On at Yavanika Garden at 5 PM and other at sector 7 Market at 6.30 PM. While the event at Yavanika was held in beautiful green lawns, in a large open space, were the crowd had gather to form a large circle around our performers, the event at sector 7 market was held in a small and crowded space. Both locations were very different from each other and we changed the script and tenure of our event accordingly. At sector 7 market there were three local residents, who spoke for Chandigarh Urban Festival. There was a President of the Local Residential Welfare Society, President of the local Market Committee and head of senior citizens club. They all spoke very well and also requested us to organise another function at their large event on Holi.


Similarly every day we are doing one to two and some times three events in different parts of the the Tri city. About 60 neighbourhood events  will be performed with association of by two theatre groups at different location in Chandigarh, Panchkula and Mohali