1. Pre-Event competitions



A) CERTIFICATE OF EXCELLENCE to 3 Winners of the Photo contest. 

FIRST PRIZE: Mohd. Salik

SECOND PRIZE: Anil Kumar Verma

THIRD PRIZE: Sameet Kumar


(B) CERTIFICATE OF APPRECIATION to 10 Honourable Mentions.

1. Gurjusjit Singh

2. Dhruv Manchanda

3. Ramandeep Singh

4. Anuj Jain

5. Saurav Nimesh

6. Pragya Khurana

7. Sudhanshu Kaushik

8. Khushmeet Raheja

9. Suraj Morya

10. Satish Verma



Last year we received a total of 11 Entries.



A) Design Ideas Competition 1 Development of Smart & Sustainable Hawker zone in Smart city Chandigarh Sector 17


A) Design Ideas Competition 2 Reimagining Sukhna : Design and Strategies for conservation of ecology and water quality of Sukhna Lake and surrounding



2. Neighborhood Bonding awareness

     event across Chandigarh


In today's fast pace world where no one has time to catch up with their neighbors , this month long celebration in neighborhoods of Chandigarh brought joy and cheer to the residents   



3. Finale celebration on 26th march


The open hand march


The ceremonial street of Chandigarh was a riot of color and jubilation and made a perfect setting for the carnival parade . It celebrated the spirit of the open hand to give open to receive.

UT Administrator said "I think , this is a humble beginning . From here on, such fests should be made bigger and people like Zubin Mehta, Yami Gautam and Ayushman Khurana should be called. I will support it.


The Cyclothon


The cyclothon  that began and culminated at the Matka Chonk Was a part of the finale. The event with the revving up of the new cycle routes of Chandigarh with energy.


The Sky Lantern


The Sky Lantern brought together the residents at the  People's Plaza of heritage site and created a breath taking visual in the night sky that everyone is going to remember for a very long time.



4. Carving an sustainable future:    


Chandigarh region Conference on 27th march.