What's CUF

Chandigarh Urban Festival is an endevour to celebrate community and urban space through experience, interface discussion and celebrations. This event is an interactive platform where the citizens Academicians, Professional,Students,Politicians,and Bureaucrats come together as stakeholders to a common goal; that is for the betterment of this city and its residents.

The Birth of the Idea

Chandigarh is important, not just as a city but also as an idea. Through this festival we aim to start a citizen centric process in this important urban centre, that also stitches together other initiatives towards the same goal, and helps in implementation of urban solutions derived out of aparticipatory methodology.

Chandigarh owes its existence to Le Corbusier. It is our responsibility that the vision of the master architect realizes its full potential and is not lost in the urban pressures of present times. Through this festival we intend to not only cherish the contributions of LC but also ingrain it in the collective memory of the city particularly the younger generation.

Act! Chandigarh

Act Chandigarh is a registered society of prominent architects and citizens working towards a sustainable urban future for tricity of Chandigarh, Panchkula and Mohali. Act Chandigarh was formed by eminent architects and Citizens of Chandigarh with a goal to preserve and promote the unique architectural inheritance of the city. The Society “ACT! Chandigarh-An initiative towards the sustainable urban future for the tricity of Panchkula , Chandigarh and Mohali ” was approved by District Registrar, Panchkula (Ref. letter No. 2017-10-007321) on 09-11-2017

We focus on Urban Space and how it shapes the lives of the residents of the city. As Chandigarh is one of the important centres of urban design and architecture in the world… a manifestation of a progressive vision of the 20th century. The form of the urban space has played a seminal role in shaping urban planning and architecture in post - independence India. We intend to promote interesting usage and and future panning of Urban Spaces in the Tricity of Chandigarh, Panchkula and Mohali.

Chandigarh Urban Festival is a major initiate by Act Chandigarh, which will provide an environment full of intellectual conversations, celebrations and deliberations, wherein we aim to generate ideas and think tank for the city and current urban issues, and also act as a catalyst for tourism and commerce. Principle aims of Act Chandigarh are to celebrate this festival of architecture in Chandigarh tricity and using the opportunity to work out design solutions to revitalize the vast open spaces of Chandigarh tricity that can integrate these with daily life activities and facilitate their implementation.
We also target to establish a permanent secretariat for the ongoing documentation; put together various studies and data pertaining to Chandigarh tricity and Connecting art, architecture and urbanism for betterment of life.

We Undertake and carry forward research in architecture/urban design while putting efforts to connect the same with decision making and implementation processes.Creating a think tank and execution interface towards a solution of various Urban issues of the Chandigarh tricity. We will collaborate with like-minded individuals and institutes for above aims.
Chandigarh Urban Festival would serve as an interface between all the stakeholders in the city future. The varied activities preceding and during the course of the event shall generate involvement and participation from the decision makers, the planners and a wide cross section of citizens. The event envisages to adhere to a philosophy of being socially inclusive, responsible to the environment, rooted in context and celebrate the human spirit.


Chandigarh Urban Festival is a two month long cultural and education extravaganza which comprises a series of workshops, discussions and events throughout the Chandigarh Urban Complex, involving educational institutes, Resident Welfare Associations RWAs, religious and social groups, and other organized and unorganized bodies (from sectors like health, transport, trade, banking, media, small scale industry, defense etc.) and stake holders and people from all sections of the society. At a thematic level all citizen activities and celebrations aim to create an understanding of the city as a community space; encourage urban interaction and bonding; and generate belongingness and participation from the cross section of citizens through an environment of happiness, inclusiveness, togetherness and festivities. Besides increasing the livability index of the city, the festival would provide a boost to tourism, trade, commerce, architecture and knowledge exchange in the city and can even become an identity of our city.
All activities of the festival will culminate on 3-4-5 March, 2018 with a curated event full of displays and performances in certain urban spaces of the city, where citizens would be able to revel in a vibrant and enriching environment, thereby giving everyone an experience they would want to repeat and recreate.The efforts of neighborhood community activities would also be visible in all participating neighbourhoods in these final three days.
The academic aspect of the event intends to generate a think tank of future development goals for this important urban centre that can contribute towards a sustainable future.  The phase –I conference, to be held in conjunction with the festival, will focus at the ground realities and factors that are at play in Chandigarh today and involve multiple stakeholder discussions on issues and ideas. The phase –II conference in October will involve international participation and focus on the larger issue of Chandigarh’s legacy and history as a framework to think about its future, through a series of thematic papers, tie panel discussions and workshops. A research exhibition to bring out the background of current urban issues faced by Chandigarh shall be curated and a few architectural competitions to support the theme would also be conducted. UN Habitat has also committed active participation as knowledge partners in the endeavor.